Thursday, March 15, 2018

Building Relationships

Last month we got to go to Prescott to watch our 2 daughters play in State Basketball Tournament games. 

Prescott is one of my favorite places to go. I love the weather, culture, atmosphere. I also have a lot of childhood memories up there. I just love everything about it!

We stayed a couple of days and it was so nice to be out of our element. Out of our daily routine. And to be able to really enjoy each other's company!

Anyways, we try to stay in a home as much as possible and I think that is one of my most favorite things about vacations - not being stuck in a hotel room and eating out every meal!

This was our front yard!

One of our first stops was to get food! I sure wish we had a Sprouts near us. 

I could spend hours in there!

Here is some of the amazing food we made:

(And the one who makes all that yummy food possible! ;)

We kind of have a deal where he is in charge of the meat and I'm in charge of the salad. It works out really well! 

One morning we took a little walk to the courthouse (1 mile away). 

We stopped at a place across the street to get some hot chocolate because we were all freezing! It made the trip back so much better!

We also took a quick drive to the lake and hiked around for a while. I LOVE walking in the forest! As we were walking I remembered what I had read in one of Dr. Sara Gottfried's books - that walking in nature is good for your health! Here's an article about it. 

Loved that place!

And here we are all together, on our way to watch the girls play!

This was just a quick trip - 3 days/2 nights. But it's the little moments that create the wonderful memories! I think I needed that reminder today!

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