Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Let it go!

The boys. See how excited they are to get working!

Job of the day (week, month). Clean the area over by the barn and semi's. Living out in the sticks we collect a lot of JUNK. Not everyone calls it that though. But that's what it is. Can you see it all up there? Yep - all junk!

We have 2 semi trailers full of stuff and they have collected quite a lot of junk and trash around them. 
It was time to clean this up!

WOW! Just look at these after pictures! It was a LOT of hard work. We hauled a lot of stuff to the dump! But now I just LOVE to go over to this area and admire our work. It looks SO good.

Next, we were cleaning up along the tree line by the semi's. 
See how much we have collected over the years?

And look at it now!
Now we can see our neighbors beautiful field (and I bet he's excited he doesn't have to look at our mess!)

So, why am I posting this on a "health" blog?
Well, because this is healthy for me. This feels good!

Health isn't just about eating right. No, it requires so much more. Positive attitude, exercise, water, work, pleasure, fun, family, faith.

It was like we were cleansing and getting rid of all of the gunk that we had collected over the past 18 years. It felt so good to throw things in the dumpster. Some things that others (not to be mentioned here) think that we will need in case times get hard. But really, will we need junk and garbage when times get hard? Do we need it now?

Compare that to our lives. Are there things that we have been collecting all of our lives that we need to get rid of? False beliefs, negative situations or experiences, regrets?

Does it do any good to hang onto them? Will we need them when times get hard?


Now is our time to learn from our experiences, repent, forgive others. Get rid of all of the gunk that we have held onto. Let go of the grudges that we hold.


Be happy.

Do your best.

Clean up and clean out.

Move on. 

It's simple but not easy. I know!

Some things can only happen with the help of the Lord. Somethings are beyond what I can do. There has to be a change of heart. And that requires help from Him.

But it is worth every effort. 

And I bet while cleaning out all of the gunk you will find treasures! Treasures you didn't even know you had because it had been buried for so long. 

We found a clothes line that we didn't know we had either! Now I have a place to hang up our clothes. (We have SO many loads of laundry each week it is nice to be able to hang them up without having to run the dryer!)

Get cleaning! :)

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