Thursday, May 22, 2014

Happy day!

This was one of my most favorite days!

We went to The Gila Valley Temple. All of us.

We got up early, did baptisms and then went to breakfast.

What a great day!

But today is their LAST day of school!

I get to have them all back! No school schedules (sort of)!

We have a CRAZY summer ahead of us and I am so excited. This will probably also be our last summer all together. T is planning to go on a mission right after graduating high school next year. (Why are my kids getting so old? How did that happen!)

(T isn't in these pictures, he was inside the Temple)

Next year we'll have THREE in high school. Our oldest is a senior and our baby is in kindergarten. What a year it will be!

I just love all of these kids SO much!

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