Monday, April 21, 2014

Leprechaun Ice Cream

One of the recipes I tried last week was Leprechaun Ice Cream. I found it here.

I just love this new website that I found - Unconventional Kitchen

All you need is frozen bananas, spinach and some almond milk!

Leprechaun Ice Cream

3 frozen banans
Handful of Spinach

1. Put frozen bananas and spinach in the food processor or a high powered blender.
2. Process the ice cream until it is all incorporated.  If using a blender, blend the bananas and spinach on medium.  Stop the blender and mash it down with a spatula, blend again.  Repeat this process until it is the consistency that you want. Add almond milk to desired consistency.

My kids thought this was ok once a year (on St. Patricks Day). I'm finding that by kids either like bananas or don't like them at all. So it just depended on that little fact. I thought it was pretty tasty.

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