Saturday, February 1, 2014



Tomorrow I start day 1 of Dr. Sara Gottfried's 30 Day Detox. You can find more information here.

Santa left her new book in my stocking and it has been a great book to read and learn from. I am excited to start this detox for the next 30 days. I'll be cutting out red meat, sugar, gluten, and dairy. I'll also cut out alcohol and caffeine (thank goodness I've got those covered already!)

Looking at my calendar, I have a full schedule already. It's full of ball games, tournaments, numerous church meetings and activities and lessons, work and I'm topping it off with a detox. Hmmm, what was I thinking!??

I really want to cleanse my body and re-set my hormones. My hopes are that I can get back to running at full speed (oh, wait I already do that), but be at my optimal energy level instead of dragging or being tired or totally stressed out. Some things will just have to be cut out of my month and I'll probably have to say no to some things. It's time to relax and slow down and let my body heal. (I'm going to have to add those words (relax and slow down) to my vocabulary)

I'm thinking of doing this once or twice a year. Would be a good way to cleanse my body for all of the stress and stuff that I put into it.

I've only got one body so I better do my very best to take care of it.

Here's to a clean month!

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