Friday, February 14, 2014

Chocolate Shake/Pudding

I love this Chocolate Shake from David Wolfe! It is SO yummy!

Here is my usual shake:
1 cup unsweetened Almond Milk
2 scoops of Immortal Machine
1 tsp Lucuma Powder
1 tsp Berry Radical
1 tsp Infinity-C
5 frozen strawberries (not pictured)
(Other additions include Bee Pollen and Maca Powder)

Blend and enjoy!

But last night I did all of that plus 1 Avocado and here is what happened:

It turned into this creamy, chocolatey pudding!

It made 2 cups like this and I ate it for dinner. 
I felt a little naughty having pudding for dessert - but only for a few minutes :)

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