Monday, October 7, 2013


Homecoming was Friday. The team we were supposed to play cancelled on Tuesday. We couldn't get another team to play. So, the school decided to have a JV scrimmage, with the Varsity team acting as coaches and the chain gang (I think that's what it was called). The coaches were the refs.

I loved that idea because I love to watch H play ball.

He's #25.

And he's the Center. and a line backer (I think).

There's T holding the flag-thing watching his brother play ball. One time during the game, must have been after this picture was taken, H made a nice tackle and T gave him a little kick and said good job. Made me happy :)

There's the Freshman float that one 1st place!

H had a NICE tackle (well quite a few), but when I was taking pictures I didn't even think to take a picture! I was too excited watching him go after the runner. Ha! (that's one reason most of these pictures aren't that exciting.)

Nice 10, huh?

Now how's that for health? It feels good to be outside, have a clear mind and watch someone you love do something they love. What a fun game!