Saturday, October 5, 2013

General Conference

The anticipation of General Conference is almost as big as Christmas!

It is SO much fun spending time together as a family to listen to the Prophet, Apostles and leaders from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints speak.

Life just stands still, without a worry in the world.

The big kids bring out their beds, we print off conference packets (from here), and we pull out the food from our 72-hour kits to use as snacks.

Sometimes I'm not that great at changing out the food from our back packs so the kids kept asking me if the food was still good. And it was this time! The snacks are only 6 months old. Now time to replenish!

I LOVE that my kids enjoy conference! They listen and take notes and we all just stay here and hang out. It is heaven on earth!

Even our little guy can make it through it. We're doing an awesome train with all of the speakers.

{Just in case you were wondering... Yes, we have a knock-out in that back wall that the TV fits into exactly. However, last June we decided to take the TV out. So it has been sitting in a corner of our bedroom since then. At first the kids thought they were going to DIE without it (although the only thing we had to watch was movies). But after the first few weeks no one has really noticed it being gone. So we pull out this table and the TV - temporarily and it works just great!}

I love that Conference comes TWICE a year!

You can watch it here.