Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sad day....

Sad because these kids of mine had to go back to school.

They all seemed to grow up over night. They all got one year older. And that makes me sad.

All my younger life I would dream about being a mom. I dreamed about all of those babies and how much fun it would be! I dreamed of toddlers. I dreamed of taking my kids places and I even remember making a pretend car with my sisters. I just couldn't wait to have my own car filled with my own children!

One problem.

I never dreamed about them growing up and going to middle school or even high school. I never dreamed about them getting taller than me. I never dreamed about all the hard work that it is to be a mother. And I never dreamed that it would be so much fun!!!

Today was the first day of school where I didn't cry either. Partly because as soon as I stepped out of our suburban, I realized that I forgot my sunglasses. And I didn't want anyone to see me being a big baby.

2 boys in high school. 2 girls in middle school. And 1 girl in elementary school meant that I only got to take one child to their class this year. That makes me sad too.

At least I have this guy for one more year!

But now all of the kids are in bed and no one can see the tears welling up in my eyes. I miss these kids while they are away at school and at sports (right now it's Football and Volleyball). I miss being in charge on our life, instead of the school demanding so much of it.

These kids are so much fun and I really do like them!! I love that I get to spend my life with them. We can go through things together. We can experience life together and most importantly, that I get to be with these people FOR.EV.ER! Now that really makes me happy!!