Friday, August 30, 2013


I'm finally getting to posting the rest of our "First Day of School" pictures. (K loves this picture too)

G turned 5 one week after school started but we decided to leave him home another year. Plus he really didn't want to go to school yet anyway. Who'd want to send this cute little guy to school anyway. He cracks me up!!

Ky is in 6th grade and she wasn't too excited to be growing up. It's a whole new experience being in middle school but I think she's adjusted to it just fine. She plays Volleyball and is having a lot of fun. She is a sweet little angel.

This was our funny picture. Pretty funny, huh?

I'm not sure if we have very many serious pictures of this little guy. It is so fun taking pictures of him to see what he comes up with next.

Love that tooth! M is so excited to be in 2nd grade. She loves packing her lunch in her Bento Box. (I found these and I LOVE them. It seems to be much easier to pack a healthy lunch instead of the regular sandwich and chips. This girl is always happy and smiling and is our little sunshine. The last couple of days she has been a cleaner. She was cleaning just for fun and I loved it! She even vacuumed my room, because I had vacuumed hers earlier that day. What a sweetie!

K is our big 8th grader! See - she's holding up 8 fingers :) Holy cow, I'm not ready for her to be in High School next year. She is such a sweet girl. She is learning so much! She has been doing her own hair for over a year now and she is really good. She used that as one of her Personal Progress goals (love those goals!) She also loves to shop and look at Pinterest, which is so convenient as an app. Whenever I can't find my phone I know who has it. Well actually, it's either her or G. He loves looking at tractors.

This big guy is a Freshman this year (9 fingers)! He is mostly loving football. He is such a sweet boy, very thoughtful and loving. A couple of weeks ago he said that he really missed work. (He had worked for us over the summer and made some pretty good money for his mission) Man, I wish he could keep working.

T ran out of fingers this year. That's 11 - Junior! I get sad every time I think that I only have 2 more years with him at home. He tells me to stop thinking about it then. But, I really like to think of it this way - I STILL have 2 years left with him at home!! He is so fun and funny and just fun to be around. He doesn't take anything too serious and he makes things fun. He is a great big brother to everyone.

Boy, how I miss these kids during the day. I as so glad that I get to be their mom. LOVE IT!