Thursday, March 1, 2012

Book Review: Sweet Death

I just finished this book - "Sweet Death - The Epidemic that's Killing America"

It talks about how our society has become addicted to sugar. Here are my favorite parts:

"It is only when the brain thermostat is broken that you need to count calories. You see, you don't know when to stop, because you are addicted to bad food. Eating the right foods will fix your thermostat, then, you simply "obey your hunger."


"Soda pop is so toxic that dentists are now advising people to drink it with a straw. They feel this simple intervention makes soda miss your teeth, and go directly to the back of the throat, thereby preserving your pearly white's integrity. Great. Talk about passing the buck. What about the damage to tissues which are even softer, and more delicate than teeth, like your throat and the whold digestive tract? Picture pop and its corrosive effect sliding down the esophagus, and then bathing the lining of your stomach. Next, imagine the intestines getting corroded, with their fragile microflora. I feel you best get a straw that is lone enough to come out your rear end!"

Not-so-sure I like this one:

"Overworked people, and those lacking sleep are at more risk of developing insulin resistance. Lack of sleep mimics the symptoms of diabetes."

"Your waistline is the most practical way to assess insulin resistance. Any man with a waist over 40 inches or a woman over 35 inches is now considered Pre-diabetic."

"It is very simple: your blood pressure is going up because you are not handling all the refined sugar in your diet very well."

"Cancer is an inflammatory condition so, we can easily make the connection that it is refined sugar, toxic foods, environments and attitudes that are creating the inflammation."

There is a lot of medical terminology in this book and all backed up with proof. I enjoyed reading it. Very informative. Interesting how the government works to help create this problem. I have lots of work to do around here!

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